By   September 16, 2016

Vinyl Cutting 101: Necessary For All Heat Press Machine Users

If you’re going to be using a heat press machine then are definitely going to need to become comfortable when you’re cutting vinyl. The majority of the heat transfer is that you’re going to be doing are going to be on T-shirts, in which using vinyl is the preferred method.

While absolutely anyone can do a heat transfer using a heat press machine, not everyone can properly cut vinyl. If you don’t have a proper cut on your vinyl then your end result is not going to come out as you want it.

The first thing that I recommend you buy, after you purchase your heat press machine, is a vinyl cutter. Having a dedicated vinyl cutter may seem like an unnecessary upfront cost, even if you’re only going to be doing a little bit of heat pressing, but it’s well worth it in the long run. Vinyl cutters were originally made for those who are using a heat press machine with commercial intent. However one of their bigger markets has been household consumers who are doing heat press transfers.

The reasoning is that vinyl cutting is not easy. At least it’s not easy when you’re doing it by hand without any kind of machine or guide. People have found that after doing vinyl cutting by hand that it’s simply not worth it and that’s when they choose to buy the cutter.

You don’t even need to purchase an expensive vinyl cutter. Unlike a quality heat press machine, a quality vinyl cutter isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg…

Remember, all you need this thing to do is cut through vinyl with a smooth cut.

If you do happen to go with the cheap vinyl cutter you need to make sure that its software is compatible with your graphic design software. We’ve often seen people get a cheap vinyl cutter from overseas only to have it not be compatible with their Photoshop or whatever other graphic software they’re using.

Much like you’re going be checking out heat press machine reviews before you buy a heat press machine, I highly suggest you look online for vinyl cutter machine reviews. Your best bet for seeing those kinds of reviews is on Amazon or on Walmart. Again, vinyl cutters are very common and you shouldn’t have any trouble buying one. But regardless of where you buy it from, you’re definitely going to want to buy one. I prefer that you buy one right after you by your heat press machine.