By   June 5, 2016

Choosing the correct heat press transfer paper is going to make a night and day difference as to how your heat transfer is going to come out. If you end up going with the cheap knockoff heat transfer paper, then are heat press machine is an going to be able to do a good job of facilitating the transfer. That’s why I always like to promote that you get a quality heat press machine.

Anyways, here are the types of heat transfer paper that are available for sale.

I want to first start off and say that the majority of heat transfer papers made for commercial use, but there are plenty of options for home use if that’s how you’re going to be using your heat transfer machine.

The most common types of heat transfer paper are black and white. This is because the majority of people were using a heat press transfer machine are either going to be transferring light colors or transferring dark colors. This enables anyone who’s transferring onto the inverse of those colors to have a much crisper, precise result.

Much like anytime you’re viewing a T-shirt, it’s best when the colors are in contrast of one another. If the colors complement one another than it’s going to be difficult to see what your message is. Also, heat press machines tend to work better when they are working with inverse garment and transfer paper colors.

The other main type of heat press transfer paper is ones that are used in inkjet and laser printers.

The more common of those two is the heat press transfer paper that is available for inkjet printers. You can find this pretty much anywhere, like Staples and Walmart. Also, this type of heat transfer paper tends to be on the low-cost side. The downside of that is that inkjet printer cartridges are very expensive. If you’re going to be doing a high volume of printing, then I highly suggest that you stay away from using inkjet heat press transfer paper.

Laser printers are much more cost-effective then inkjet printers due to the cost of the toner being much less. However, the upfront cost is much, much higher. I personally prefer to use a laser printer when I’m using a heat press machine, because I feel that the output is much more precise.

In any event, you’re going to want to choose a quality heat press transfer paper for your heat press machine when you’re doing a heat transfer. The worst quality materials that you use, the worse your end result is going to be.