By   June 1, 2016

Cut Like A Pro with this Heat Press Machine Technique!

Have you ever wondered how professional companies are always able to get the most precise and flawless cuts? How on earth do their heat press machine products always come out perfect?

Isn’t it pretty and raging when their vinyl T-shirt comes out perfect? Well, it doesn’t have to enrage you anymore.

Newer heat press technology enables contour cutting when using your heat press machine.

No longer are you going to have to struggle to cut the absolute perfect shape that you’re looking to press.

Since the majority of the newer heat press machines contour cutting devices are produced with laser-guided cutting mechanisms, there is a lot less room for error when you are doing your cuts.

In fact, the best part about these newer heat press machines is that they work with absolutely any kind of design and it is so much easier to transfer any kind of image onto the garment that you are trying to heat transfer onto.

You also have a much higher level of flexibility as to what garment you want to heat transfer onto. With prior models of heat press machines, you would strictly be limited to the design of that heat press machine.

What I mean is that some of the other machines were just made for T-shirts, while some of them were just made for hats, while some of them were made for thicker garments like sweatpants.

Nowadays, the newer machines have a five and one capability that will let you do nearly any kind of heat transferring onto nearly any kind of surface.

This makes heat press transferring so much more cost-effective for both personal and small business use.

That was another one of the problems with the older heat press machines. Since they were as precise as the newer ones, people would waste a lot of money on vinyl transfer paper and heat transfer paper. Of course, individually these pieces aren’t that much money. However, when you’re making T-shirts in bulk, then it’s definitely going to add up when you make mistakes.

I highly suggest that you upgrade to one of the newer machines if you have an older one. Not only is your satisfaction going to go up, but your costs are going to decrease. This means more money in your pocket and much happier customers.