By   May 19, 2016

Contour Cutting is Perfect for Small Batches of Heat Transfers!

Are you a small business is looking to make a few T-shirts every now and then? Are you a family whose looking to make your own T-shirts for your upcoming family reunion or for school event? Are you just someone who likes to have your own personalized stuff?

Well, you’re definitely going to want to check out vinyl contour cutting for heat press transfers.

This newer way of doing heat press transfers is revolutionizing the heat press machine industry.

All of the professionals are starting to switch on over to this technique.

The reasoning is simple. By using a nice vinyl contour cutting technique you are making a much more precise cut and a much more precise heat transfer. This is absolutely perfect for anyone who is needing a product that has to be very specific in the level of detail.

What’s also great is that since are going be using vinyl, the heat transfer that you make is going to be lasting a very long time. As you know, doing a heat transfer simply using heat transfer paper tends to peel after several washes. That’s usually why I like to recommend doing a final heat press transfer.

What’s even more awesome is that this technique allows you to make many more unique and creative designs using your heat press machine. You’re no longer limited by the material that you’re using or the surface that you are heat transferring onto.

The process of doing the vinyl contour heat press cutting is much simpler and much quicker. This is going to leave you with much more time to actually enjoy the end result of your efforts.

One thing I need to mention with all of this is that this technique is not available to use on older heat press machines. The reasoning for that is because although he press machines are solely designed for one purpose.

Using this new heat press technique is going to require a newer machine because they are made for various methods of doing heat transfers. By that I mean that you can use one of the newer heat press transfer machines to do a heat transfer onto nearly any surface imaginable.

This is great because it’s going to be reducing your cost and letting you have much more time for fun in your new heat transferred T-shirts.