By   October 8, 2016

Planning on buying a heat press machine?

Are you planning on buying a heat press machine in the near future? If so, congratulations and welcome to the family. You’ll notice that the community of heat press machine enthusiast is quite large and quite passionate about our craft. Because of that, many heat press machine sites such as mine have popped up around the Internet.

A lot of the heat press machine reviews that you read on the Internet are not going to be true or simply outdated.

Here’s my recommendation for heat press machine reviews

Ever going to be buying heat press machine, I highly suggest that you look at a bunch of heat press machine reviews to figure out which heat press machine is best for you. I always use for all of my heat transfer press machine reviews 2017. They felt me several times pick out the best heat press machine.

Some of the things you need to look for when buying heat press machine are the following

You need to know what size surface are going to be printing on. Heat transfer presses always vary in size. The more common sizes are 15 x 15 and 16 x 20. If you’re just doing T-shirts you can get away with using the 15 x 15. But if you’re going to be doing larger things like sweatpants and sweatshirts, I highly recommend you go with the larger models.

Girls are going to need to see the temperature range on the heat press machine that you buy. The majority of them are going to go up to the 500°F range. But if you’re going to be doing more than vinyl transfers, you may want to look into models that go up into the 750° range. You have to remember that the thicker the garments that you’re doing a heat transfer onto, the hotter that you’re going to need your heat press machine to get.

You also need to take into account what style heat press machine you’re going to need. If you’re simply going to be doing vinyl transfers, then you can get away with using nearly any type of heat press machine. I highly recommend you go with the power press heat press machine in that case.

If you’re going to be wanting to do a lot of image printing work, then you’re definitely going to need a sublimation heat press machine. There’s absolutely nothing better at getting a very precise and detailed image printed onto a Garman than using a sublimation heat press machine.

Lastly, if you’re going to be keep pressing onto very awkward shaped garments, then you’re definitely going to want to clamshell heat transfer machine. The clamshell enables the machine to contour into physicians that a normal heat press transfer machine is going to be able to move into