Guidelines for Using a Heat Press Machine

By   February 27, 2017

Heat mess machine is the type of modern machine that transfers artwork from the paper up to the t-shirt with the use of heat. This is a good alternative from the classic type of heat press machine. However, there is a big difference when it comes to the comparison of a screen print and a heat press machine. This is a good reminder for every entrepreneur of t-shirt printing especially when there are customers who are ordering large quantities. There are some owners of a printing press that usually sell per piece of a printed t-shirt at a high price. But for a heat press, this can be negotiated regarding how much you’re gong to pay it as well.

Since you own a heat press machine, it would be best as well for you learn more about its methods of helping you achieve your t-shirt goals with the use of heat press machine.Since the heat press machine is made to be simple so does the other types that are functional (meaning to say very basic). For you to gain more knowledge and ideas as to how you’re going to start with a t-shirt print, here are the following guidelines that you should consider first;

  1. professional heat press machines- this is made for those who have bulk orders and quality is provided regarding how things are done as this has a kind of sophistication, pressure and temperature settings.
  2. For small job printing t-shirts- heat press machine is a good start for those who are planning to put up a small business. This can lead you to orders of t-shirt that will give you the assurance of success in completing the job.
  3. Knowing how to operate it- any heat pressure machines should be maintained and operated well. Keep in mind that you are handling a machine that has a great potential in making your business grow bigger in the future.
  4. Choosing the right materials- this includes the fabric that you’re going to use for printing. There are certain fabrics and materials that do not fit for heat press, so it would be best for you to go with materials that can be printed with a use of the heat press machine.
  5. Designing and styling of artwork- indeed there are so many types of designs and even styles for you to choose and think about. Most people would go for an artwork that may be unique. Some like to do artwork that is relevant and symbolic as well. Whatever it is that you want to do with your merch, you have the freedom to do what’s suitable for your business needs. In choosing a design, it would be best as well to know what your customers would like to have a t-shirt design as means of personalizing.
  6. The right paper transfer- this type of paper is not an ordinary one. Make sure that it matches with the right type of printer and design as well.

How Does a Heat Press Work?

By   February 10, 2017

A heat press machine is a kind of context that prints a t-shirt and yet not all are aware of how it works. A heat press is said to utilize a heating and pressure that produces a graphic design to print depending on the material that is used. There are different types of heat press machines that are either automatic or manual. When it comes to designing, you do not use a heat press machine to be able to make a good content but there is another way of doing things for you to be able to create a better quality of design and styles and that is through the use of a screen printing.

Screen printing is known for its quality because this is usually a method that is used by most professional with its different techniques. During the 1960’s the heat press machine became a big hit for printing of tee shirts, and from then on, it has continually made a great progress especially that it has evolved with technology making its usage more productive and easier. Therefore, it can improve the lifestyle of many people who will be involving in perhaps at the printing of t-shirts.

Basic ways and method of a heat press machine- these are the front line machines that are typically used for in doing a heat press. Keep in mind that each has its unique way of putting up a good heat press to the material that you are using.

  1. The use of an upper plate- this style is also called as the clam-shell. Its use is very simple as you only open up the shell like clam and load on the material that you want to heat press. Do not forget to set it up so that things will be done easier for you.
  2. The swing-away style and design- this is another type of heat press wherein the heating plates are swinging away from the lower base as it is set up.
  3. The draw-style of the heating press- the bottom plate of the machine is pulled away from such as a drawer.

Few facts before setting up any of the types of heating press- this comes both in manual and or automatic, and it is important that each process is made more efficient and should be accurate as well. Mind you, as you are printing there should be enough design to fill in the style that you needed. With the different types of the heating press machine, this depends on how you’re going to use it. Choose fabric that will also compliment the design that you want to use and in the preparation for transferring the paper to a smooth and non-absorbent surface. This means that the better quality of material that you are using, the expectation of the outcome is also guaranteed at its best because heat press machine gives you the benefit to produce good quality t-shirts for you to accomplish especially if you are in the business field.

Heat Press Machine Purchasing Guide

By   October 8, 2016

Planning on buying a heat press machine?

Are you planning on buying a heat press machine in the near future? If so, congratulations and welcome to the family. You’ll notice that the community of heat press machine enthusiast is quite large and quite passionate about our craft. Because of that, many heat press machine sites such as mine have popped up around the Internet.

A lot of the heat press machine reviews that you read on the Internet are not going to be true or simply outdated.

Here’s my recommendation for heat press machine reviews

Ever going to be buying heat press machine, I highly suggest that you look at a bunch of heat press machine reviews to figure out which heat press machine is best for you. I always use for all of my heat transfer press machine reviews 2017. They felt me several times pick out the best heat press machine.

Some of the things you need to look for when buying heat press machine are the following

You need to know what size surface are going to be printing on. Heat transfer presses always vary in size. The more common sizes are 15 x 15 and 16 x 20. If you’re just doing T-shirts you can get away with using the 15 x 15. But if you’re going to be doing larger things like sweatpants and sweatshirts, I highly recommend you go with the larger models.

Girls are going to need to see the temperature range on the heat press machine that you buy. The majority of them are going to go up to the 500°F range. But if you’re going to be doing more than vinyl transfers, you may want to look into models that go up into the 750° range. You have to remember that the thicker the garments that you’re doing a heat transfer onto, the hotter that you’re going to need your heat press machine to get.

You also need to take into account what style heat press machine you’re going to need. If you’re simply going to be doing vinyl transfers, then you can get away with using nearly any type of heat press machine. I highly recommend you go with the power press heat press machine in that case.

If you’re going to be wanting to do a lot of image printing work, then you’re definitely going to need a sublimation heat press machine. There’s absolutely nothing better at getting a very precise and detailed image printed onto a Garman than using a sublimation heat press machine.

Lastly, if you’re going to be keep pressing onto very awkward shaped garments, then you’re definitely going to want to clamshell heat transfer machine. The clamshell enables the machine to contour into physicians that a normal heat press transfer machine is going to be able to move into

What You Need To Know About Vinyl Cutting

By   September 16, 2016

Vinyl Cutting 101: Necessary For All Heat Press Machine Users

If you’re going to be using a heat press machine then are definitely going to need to become comfortable when you’re cutting vinyl. The majority of the heat transfer is that you’re going to be doing are going to be on T-shirts, in which using vinyl is the preferred method.

While absolutely anyone can do a heat transfer using a heat press machine, not everyone can properly cut vinyl. If you don’t have a proper cut on your vinyl then your end result is not going to come out as you want it.

The first thing that I recommend you buy, after you purchase your heat press machine, is a vinyl cutter. Having a dedicated vinyl cutter may seem like an unnecessary upfront cost, even if you’re only going to be doing a little bit of heat pressing, but it’s well worth it in the long run. Vinyl cutters were originally made for those who are using a heat press machine with commercial intent. However one of their bigger markets has been household consumers who are doing heat press transfers.

The reasoning is that vinyl cutting is not easy. At least it’s not easy when you’re doing it by hand without any kind of machine or guide. People have found that after doing vinyl cutting by hand that it’s simply not worth it and that’s when they choose to buy the cutter.

You don’t even need to purchase an expensive vinyl cutter. Unlike a quality heat press machine, a quality vinyl cutter isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg…

Remember, all you need this thing to do is cut through vinyl with a smooth cut.

If you do happen to go with the cheap vinyl cutter you need to make sure that its software is compatible with your graphic design software. We’ve often seen people get a cheap vinyl cutter from overseas only to have it not be compatible with their Photoshop or whatever other graphic software they’re using.

Much like you’re going be checking out heat press machine reviews before you buy a heat press machine, I highly suggest you look online for vinyl cutter machine reviews. Your best bet for seeing those kinds of reviews is on Amazon or on Walmart. Again, vinyl cutters are very common and you shouldn’t have any trouble buying one. But regardless of where you buy it from, you’re definitely going to want to buy one. I prefer that you buy one right after you by your heat press machine.

Types of Heat Press Transfer Paper

By   June 5, 2016

Choosing the correct heat press transfer paper is going to make a night and day difference as to how your heat transfer is going to come out. If you end up going with the cheap knockoff heat transfer paper, then are heat press machine is an going to be able to do a good job of facilitating the transfer. That’s why I always like to promote that you get a quality heat press machine.

Anyways, here are the types of heat transfer paper that are available for sale.

I want to first start off and say that the majority of heat transfer papers made for commercial use, but there are plenty of options for home use if that’s how you’re going to be using your heat transfer machine.

The most common types of heat transfer paper are black and white. This is because the majority of people were using a heat press transfer machine are either going to be transferring light colors or transferring dark colors. This enables anyone who’s transferring onto the inverse of those colors to have a much crisper, precise result.

Much like anytime you’re viewing a T-shirt, it’s best when the colors are in contrast of one another. If the colors complement one another than it’s going to be difficult to see what your message is. Also, heat press machines tend to work better when they are working with inverse garment and transfer paper colors.

The other main type of heat press transfer paper is ones that are used in inkjet and laser printers.

The more common of those two is the heat press transfer paper that is available for inkjet printers. You can find this pretty much anywhere, like Staples and Walmart. Also, this type of heat transfer paper tends to be on the low-cost side. The downside of that is that inkjet printer cartridges are very expensive. If you’re going to be doing a high volume of printing, then I highly suggest that you stay away from using inkjet heat press transfer paper.

Laser printers are much more cost-effective then inkjet printers due to the cost of the toner being much less. However, the upfront cost is much, much higher. I personally prefer to use a laser printer when I’m using a heat press machine, because I feel that the output is much more precise.

In any event, you’re going to want to choose a quality heat press transfer paper for your heat press machine when you’re doing a heat transfer. The worst quality materials that you use, the worse your end result is going to be.

Sublimation Printing is Great for Heat Pressing Images

By   June 1, 2016

Heat Transferring Realistic Images Has Never Been Easier!

If you’re like me, you absolutely love using your heat press machine to make T-shirts and mugs and hats displaying your favorite photos on them. In fact, that’s one of my favorite reasons for even having a heat press machine. It makes providing Christmas gifts to everyone so much easier.

One problem that we’ve run into in the past is that the older heat press machines didn’t into that great of a job when their heat pressing images onto the garment. Yes, the image would end up transferring over. However, it wasn’t all that sharp and clear.

Maybe back in the day when everyone was using Polaroid in Kodak cameras and images always came out grainy it would have been okay. But today we are fully HD cameras in our pockets so there is no excuse as to why we can’t heat transfer crystal-clear images onto our T-shirts.

Luckily there is a new way in which we can put realistic images on our T-shirts.

Sublimation printing using a heat transfer machine has become one of the best ways in which you can put images onto your garments. Sublimation printing is great because it focuses on making the dive not bleed after the heat transfer is complete.

When you’re doing a heat transfer involving something simple like vinyl or heat transfer paper, you don’t have to necessarily worry about any kind of die bleeding all over the T-shirt. That’s because there isn’t any dye used when using a heat transfer paper or vinyl.

But using die is at the heart of heat pressing images onto your T-shirts.

Sublimation printing takes away any risk that your diet is going to bleed. This allows you to do a nice fast speedy image transfer onto your T-shirt.

What used to take many, many hours to do is now a process that can be done in about five minutes per T-shirt. And that is if you’re using one of the cheaper sublimation heat press printing machines.

The newer industrial sublimation heat press printing machines have an output of about one T-shirt per minute.

What’s awesome though is that everyone is going to be able to maintain a high level of precision when using this technique. This is regardless of what kind of heat press machine you’re using, assuming you’re just using a simple sublimation printing machine. It doesn’t matter if you have an industrial one or consumer one, any dedicated sublimation heat transfer printing machine is going to be able to do the job.

Precision Cutting with a Heat Press Machine

By   June 1, 2016

Cut Like A Pro with this Heat Press Machine Technique!

Have you ever wondered how professional companies are always able to get the most precise and flawless cuts? How on earth do their heat press machine products always come out perfect?

Isn’t it pretty and raging when their vinyl T-shirt comes out perfect? Well, it doesn’t have to enrage you anymore.

Newer heat press technology enables contour cutting when using your heat press machine.

No longer are you going to have to struggle to cut the absolute perfect shape that you’re looking to press.

Since the majority of the newer heat press machines contour cutting devices are produced with laser-guided cutting mechanisms, there is a lot less room for error when you are doing your cuts.

In fact, the best part about these newer heat press machines is that they work with absolutely any kind of design and it is so much easier to transfer any kind of image onto the garment that you are trying to heat transfer onto.

You also have a much higher level of flexibility as to what garment you want to heat transfer onto. With prior models of heat press machines, you would strictly be limited to the design of that heat press machine.

What I mean is that some of the other machines were just made for T-shirts, while some of them were just made for hats, while some of them were made for thicker garments like sweatpants.

Nowadays, the newer machines have a five and one capability that will let you do nearly any kind of heat transferring onto nearly any kind of surface.

This makes heat press transferring so much more cost-effective for both personal and small business use.

That was another one of the problems with the older heat press machines. Since they were as precise as the newer ones, people would waste a lot of money on vinyl transfer paper and heat transfer paper. Of course, individually these pieces aren’t that much money. However, when you’re making T-shirts in bulk, then it’s definitely going to add up when you make mistakes.

I highly suggest that you upgrade to one of the newer machines if you have an older one. Not only is your satisfaction going to go up, but your costs are going to decrease. This means more money in your pocket and much happier customers.

Making Small Runs? Try Contour Cutting Heat Press

By   May 19, 2016

Contour Cutting is Perfect for Small Batches of Heat Transfers!

Are you a small business is looking to make a few T-shirts every now and then? Are you a family whose looking to make your own T-shirts for your upcoming family reunion or for school event? Are you just someone who likes to have your own personalized stuff?

Well, you’re definitely going to want to check out vinyl contour cutting for heat press transfers.

This newer way of doing heat press transfers is revolutionizing the heat press machine industry.

All of the professionals are starting to switch on over to this technique.

The reasoning is simple. By using a nice vinyl contour cutting technique you are making a much more precise cut and a much more precise heat transfer. This is absolutely perfect for anyone who is needing a product that has to be very specific in the level of detail.

What’s also great is that since are going be using vinyl, the heat transfer that you make is going to be lasting a very long time. As you know, doing a heat transfer simply using heat transfer paper tends to peel after several washes. That’s usually why I like to recommend doing a final heat press transfer.

What’s even more awesome is that this technique allows you to make many more unique and creative designs using your heat press machine. You’re no longer limited by the material that you’re using or the surface that you are heat transferring onto.

The process of doing the vinyl contour heat press cutting is much simpler and much quicker. This is going to leave you with much more time to actually enjoy the end result of your efforts.

One thing I need to mention with all of this is that this technique is not available to use on older heat press machines. The reasoning for that is because although he press machines are solely designed for one purpose.

Using this new heat press technique is going to require a newer machine because they are made for various methods of doing heat transfers. By that I mean that you can use one of the newer heat press transfer machines to do a heat transfer onto nearly any surface imaginable.

This is great because it’s going to be reducing your cost and letting you have much more time for fun in your new heat transferred T-shirts.